Why should you care about caves?

More than just geological wonders, caves have tremendous scientific and historical value.

Fragile ecosystems

Cave formations take thousands of years to form, and they are easily damaged or destroyed.

Endangered species

Caves are home to 1000+ species, 95% are considered vulnerable or imperiled.

Preserving history

Caves contain historic and archaeological artifacts, from prehistoric bones to Native American cave writings.

We believe that caves are resources worth protecting.

That’s why we focus on:

We’re the largest land conservancy in the world solely focused on protecting caves.

Protecting and managing 170+ caves in 7 US states.

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We work to protect and preserve caves for you, for future generations, and for the hundreds of vulnerable and imperiled species that call them home.


Not only are caves amazing to experience, they also have tremendous scientific and historical value. We love to teach people about these underground wonders.


Exploring a cave is a unique and fascinating adventure. We want more people to experience and enjoy all that caves have to offer, safely and responsibly.

You can help safeguard these natural underground treasures.


You donate

Give a one-time donation or pledge to give monthly.


We protect

We use funds to acquire and manage fragile cave environments.


Caves survive

Working together, we can preserve and enjoy more caves, now and for future generations.


Give at least $40 to qualify for membership benefits.

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"Buying caves to preserve and protect them is a noble endeavor. It is what SCCi is known for. But effective preservation and protection is often impossible without good scientific research to identify needs and best management practices. SCCi's Science Awards Program helps assure their caves are sustainably managed, and supports both established and young scientists' focus on much needed cave and karst research."

Dr. Veni
Dr. George Veni
Executive Director
National Cave and Karst Research Institute
President, International Union of Speleology

What do prehistoric jaguar bones, Native American drawings and gray bats all have in common? Give up? They can all be found in caves right here in the US!

The United States is home to some of the most beautiful and scientifically significant caves in North America.  But sadly, many of them are under threat of destruction from development or misuse. So we work to protect and preserve these caves for you, for future generations, and for the hundreds of endangered species that call them home.

SaveYourCaves.org is a movement powered by Southeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Founded in 1991, SCCi is the world’s largest land conservancy solely dedicated to cave and karst landscape conservation.

What’s a karst landscape? Glad you asked.

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Wonder and beauty lie just beneath the earth’s surface.